Our history

Behind Kai (change) and Zen (better)

Japanese life philosophy based on the daily search for new opportunities to improve

We elevate skin and hair care to a higher level.

We make quality and innovation backed by science. We are passionate about driving constant improvement in the care of those who choose Kaizen

We believe:

That the search for constant improvement is born from self-love and not from perfection.

We are not looking for perfect skin. We look for the best version of real skin.

This is how Kaizen was born

Insecurity about my acne has been with me since childhood.

The need to take care of my skin became imperative, and I shared my concern with Aleix, a friend who lived in Australia. That's when I discovered an antibacterial treatment on pillowcases that prevented blemishes.

From that moment…

I began to reflect on the constant contact of my skin with the case and decided to explore further. I researched, read studies, and the idea of ​​trying the cover with this fabric became a reality. By then, I had already improved my facial routine and diet.

Kaizen was the driving force that led my skin to great improvement

This discovery sparked in me the desire to share it with those looking to take care of their skin, hair, and quality of sleep. Thus Kaizen was born, a reflection of my journey toward continuous improvement and self-love.

Paula, Co-Founder

the future of beauty sleep

More than 100,000 people happy with Kaizen.

We love to push the limits of what is possible, and seek continuous improvement of our products. Making innovation and quality.

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